Sherry Allison, LPC, M-DIV
Chief Executive Officer

Like everything in life, a family needs proper nourishment to grow and mature.  God divinely ordained this maturity from the very creation of man as we understand from His command blessing, “be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:22).  The husband needs the nourishment of honor, respect and love from his wife and children.  The wife needs the affections of love, honor, respect and stability from her husband and children.  And the children require the attentive love, nurturing, protection and moral upbringing from their parents.  In 2021, we have witnessed what happens when a society is disobedient to the word of God.   Our marriages and families are in shambles, our children are out of control and our communities are suffering the consequences.  But God is calling forth reconciliation, restoration and a turning away from transgressions and iniquity.  

Kingdom Counseling in partnership with our community liaison  "Healthy Minds, Healthy Hearts" is committed to identifying and addressing the barriers in our communities that inhibit healthy families.  In 2021, we continue in making a commitment to provide the truth of God’s word and we stand in the gap interceding for our families until the mission is accomplished.  

Please attend one of our spiritual intervention seminars or participate in a healthy family workshop to witness the effective work in process.  Call us to schedule a seminar or workshop in your local business, church or community center.